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Are you someone who has experienced a rollercoaster of emotions throughout your life? Do you have captivating stories to share with the world? If so, we invite you to submit your life story to That’s Life magazine, where we believe that every individual’s journey deserves to be heard and celebrated. Our publication is dedicated to showcasing real-life accounts that resonate with readers from all walks of life. Whether it’s tales of triumph over adversity, love and relationships, or personal achievements, That’s Life provides a platform for these stories to be told. Join us in sharing the extraordinary moments and ordinary challenges that define who we are. Don’t let your experiences go unnoticed – let That’s Life magazine be the vessel through which your story reaches others, inspiring and connecting people in unimaginable ways. Submit your life story today and become part of a community that understands and appreciates the power of personal narratives.

  • Personal Stories: That’s Life story submissions are centered around personal experiences, allowing individuals to share their unique, real-life tales with a wider audience. These stories often cover a wide range of topics, including challenges faced, lessons learned, and inspiring moments.
  • Emotional Connection: One key aspect of That’s Life story submissions is the ability to make an emotional connection with readers. These stories aim to touch on relatable themes and evoke empathy and understanding, creating a sense of solidarity among readers.
  • Platform for Empowerment: By submitting their stories to That’s Life, individuals get the opportunity to inspire, empower, and uplift others. These submissions can provide comfort and encouragement to readers facing similar situations, fostering a supportive community where personal growth and resilience are celebrated.


  • Unique perspectives: That’s Life story submissions provide a platform for individuals to share their unique life experiences and perspectives. This allows readers to gain insight into the diverse realities of others, fostering empathy and understanding.
  • Human connection: These story submissions create a sense of community by connecting people who may have gone through similar struggles or triumphs. Readers often find solace and encouragement in knowing they are not alone in their experiences, and these stories can inspire personal growth and resilience.
  • Inspiring and motivational: Many That’s Life story submissions center around overcoming adversity, resilience, and personal growth. By sharing such stories, readers can gain motivation and inspiration to face their own challenges head-on and strive towards achieving their goals.
  • Celebrating triumphs and courage: These story submissions provide a platform to celebrate individual triumphs, no matter how big or small. By highlighting personal victories, the stories encourage readers to acknowledge and appreciate their own achievements, thus boosting self-esteem and fostering a positive mindset.


  • Limited recognition: One disadvantage of submitting that’s life story submissions in English is the limited recognition it may receive globally. Since English is a widely spoken language, numerous submissions are likely to flood in, making it challenging for an individual story to stand out and gain recognition.
  • Cultural barriers: That’s life story submissions in English may face cultural barriers and misunderstandings when shared with a global audience. Different cultural backgrounds and perspectives may lead to confusion or misinterpretation of the submitted stories, diluting their intended impact or emotions.
  • Language complexity: English is a complex language with many nuances, idioms, and figures of speech. Non-native English speakers may struggle to convey their stories accurately, leading to potential misunderstandings or a loss of meaning in the translation process. This complexity can hinder the overall storytelling experience for both the writer and the reader.
  • Overwhelming competition: With English being a dominant language in publishing and media, thousands of submissions pour in regularly, making the competition extremely tough. The sheer volume of submissions can result in excellent stories getting overlooked or getting lost in the sea of entries, diminishing the chances of recognition for deserving storytellers.
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How much does Take a Break pay for stories?

Take a Break, a popular magazine, offers a generous payment of up to £2000 for the stories it publishes. However, it is important to note that the average payment from magazines for stories exceeding two pages is typically between £300 and £500. Payments may be even smaller for stories that occupy less space than a page. Nevertheless, the highest payment is exclusively reserved for exceptionally sensational stories.

Although Take a Break magazine offers a hefty payment of up to £2000 for published stories, it is important to keep in mind that the average payment for stories exceeding two pages is typically between £300 and £500. Smaller payments may be given for stories that are less than a page, while the highest payment is reserved exclusively for standout, sensational stories.

Is it possible for me to sell my life story?

Selling your life story can become a reality with the assistance of content agencies. These agencies, equipped with expertise in the media industry, possess extensive connections with numerous publications’ editorial departments. By leveraging their knowledge of market demand, content agencies can guide you on what aspects of your story are likely to sell and help you secure the highest paying deals. With their support, turning your life story into a lucrative venture may be more feasible than you think.

Content agencies can help individuals sell their life stories by utilizing their media industry expertise and connections with editorial departments. These agencies are knowledgeable about market demand and can advise on which aspects of a story are more likely to sell, ultimately helping to secure high-paying deals. With their assistance, turning a life story into a profitable venture may be more attainable than anticipated.

Is there payment for stories on Wattpad?

In response to the question of payment for stories on Wattpad, the platform offers a service called Paid Stories where writers can earn money for their work. However, it is important to note that the majority of stories on Wattpad will always remain free to read, acknowledging the importance of free content for the community members. This allows a balance between providing opportunities for writers to earn and ensuring a wide range of accessible and enjoyable stories for the readers.

While Wattpad does offer a payment service called Paid Stories, the majority of their content will always be free to read. This strikes a balance between allowing writers to earn money for their work and ensuring a wide range of accessible and enjoyable stories for readers.

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Real Stories, Real Lives: Submit Your Extraordinary Life Story to Our Publication!

Do you have an extraordinary life story that deserves to be shared? We are inviting individuals from all walks of life, from all corners of the world, to submit their real stories to our publication. Whether you have overcome immense adversity, achieved remarkable success, or experienced something truly extraordinary, we want to hear from you. Our platform aims to celebrate the diversity and resilience of the human spirit. Share your life journey with us and inspire others with your strength, courage, and triumphs. Your story could make a real difference in someone’s life.

No matter where you come from or what challenges you have faced, we believe that everyone has a unique and inspiring story to share. This is why we are calling on individuals from all corners of the globe to submit their extraordinary life stories to our publication. Whether you have triumphed over adversity, achieved remarkable success, or experienced something truly extraordinary, we want to hear from you. By sharing your journey with us, you have the power to inspire and make a difference in someone else’s life.

From Everyday to Exceptional: Share Your Personal Journey through Life in Our Story Submissions.

Do you have an extraordinary life story to share? We invite you to submit your personal journey from everyday to exceptional on our platform. Our story submissions section offers a platform for individuals to showcase their unique experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Whether you have overcome adversity, achieved significant milestones, or embarked on a life-changing adventure, we want to hear from you. By sharing your story, you can inspire others, celebrate your achievements, and become part of a community that embraces personal growth and transformation. Join us in spreading positivity and encouragement through the power of storytelling.

Our platform provides an opportunity for individuals to share their remarkable life journeys. If you have faced and conquered obstacles, accomplished notable goals, or embarked on transformative adventures, we encourage you to submit your story. By sharing your experiences, you can inspire others, celebrate your successes, and become part of a supportive community that values personal growth and resilience. Join us in using the power of storytelling to spread positivity and motivation.

Unveiling the Untold: Join Our Community by Sharing Your Life Story!

Are you ready to share your captivating life story with the world? Join our community and unveil the untold chapters of your life that have shaped you into who you are today. We believe that everyone has a unique and inspiring story to tell, and we want to provide a platform for individuals to share their experiences, struggles, triumphs, and lessons learned. By joining our community, you will not only connect with like-minded individuals, but you will also inspire others to embrace their own narratives and find solace in knowing they are not alone. Join us today and become part of a community that celebrates the power of personal stories!

Our community offers a platform for individuals to share their untold stories, which have transformed them into the remarkable individuals they are today. We firmly believe that each person possesses a distinctive and motivational narrative that deserves to be heard. By joining us, you will connect with those who share similar experiences and inspire others to embrace their own stories, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment. Become part of our community now and contribute to the acknowledgment of the profound impact personal stories have on our lives!

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Glimpses of Life: Contribute Your Inspiring, Funny, or Heartbreaking Stories to our Publication.

We all have stories that capture the essence of our lives, the moments that made us laugh, cry, or touched our hearts. Our publication, Glimpses of Life, invites you to contribute your inspiring, funny, or heartbreaking stories. Whether it’s an unforgettable travel experience, a personal triumph over adversity, or a humorous mishap that still brings a smile to your face, we want to hear it. Share your stories with us, so together we can celebrate the diverse tapestry of human experiences and inspire others.

We are not just looking for the extraordinary or dramatic stories. We also value the everyday moments that may seem small but hold immense meaning in our lives. Whether it’s a simple act of kindness, a moment of connection with a stranger, or a realization that changed your perspective, we believe that these glimpses into our lives have the power to inspire and uplift others. So don’t hesitate, share your stories with us and let’s create a publication that truly reflects the beautiful complexity of the human experience.

Sharing our life stories through submissions has proven to be a powerful way to connect with others on a deeper level. These authentic narratives serve as a reminder that every individual’s experience is unique and worthy of being heard. Opening up about our triumphs, struggles, and lessons learned allows us to not only find solace in knowing we are not alone, but also provides comfort and inspiration to those who may be facing similar challenges. By submitting our life stories, we contribute to a collective tapestry of human experiences, a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit. So let us continue to share our stories, for they have the potential to ignite empathy, foster understanding, and ultimately unite us in our shared journey through life.

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